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Holiday Message, on Being Happy

happiness_kendrasaysDear Ones,
In this time of your holiday celebrations, I would like to make this offering of some thoughts and ideas appropriate to this season as my gift to each one of you.

I suggest to you that it is especially important to remember who you are in your soulconsciousness, and how crucially important it is to focus on being happy, especially considering how troubled your planet appears to be right now. You can contribute to changing that energy for the better by the power of your own consciousness being focused on choosing happiness!

When I say focus on being happy, choosing happiness in your life, I am not making a light suggestion. Rather, focusing on and choosing being happy is a practice, one which needs to be observed as much as possible throughout your day. The reason this is so important is that focusing on choosing happiness as your continuous state of mind/being is like giving constant nourishing food supply to your hungry soul.

In your third-dimension, material world, so much emphasis is put on having things, earning money, buying and selling, achieving, etc. that it is easy to forget that it is entirely possible to choose inner happiness as your state of being *regardless* of what is happening in your daily, material life.

If your inner life is in balance, flowing, peaceful, then your outer life will become so as well, because you will more easily act in accordance with your inner awareness and thus your life will feel easier, even when dealing with apparent obstacles and difficulties. In this time of the approaching solstice, a time for the turning of the year, so the time is approaching for you to symbolically and literally close off the energies of this past year and renew yourselves for the start of your new year.

Bless all your previous aspirations and intentions whether you believe you attained them or not. Bless all your current aspirations and intentions whether you believe they are attainable or not. Bless all the wonderful experiences you will have in the coming year that you cannot even imagine or conceive of right now!

Breathe in slowly through your nose: I am perfect exactly as I am.

Breathe out slowly through your nose: I let go of all negative self-judgements.

Repeat this until you feel a gentle, releasing shift in your body, a more peaceful sense of yourself.

Breathe in gently through your nose: I am SO happy, healthy, safe, and abundant.

Breathe out gently through your nose: I create my experiences beautifully and perfectly with ease.

I send to each of you, my dear ones, many blessings in this, your holiday season, and my unending support for each of you to uplift your struggles and suffering to joy and peacefulness with great ease and flow.

Please know you are in the process of enlightening all the time, whether you realize it or not, and so please bless yourselves into your highest good, for the benefit of all!

Much love and many blessings,

"Remember, everything is possible..."

Date: December 9, 2003


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