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Samhein (Halloween) Greetings

halloween_kendrasaysDear Ones,
I send you all greetings on festival night, one of the cross-quarter days of the 8 ancient pagan/Celtic festivals during the year.

Tonight, as you know it Halloween, from All Hallow's Eve, is a night when, as the phrase goes, the veils between the worlds are thin," when communication between the visible and invisible worlds, and all the souls therein, is easier than on other nights. It is also the pagan new year, the time of year when the crops have been reaped and a symbolic ear of corn is re-planted into mother earth, representing the invocation and blessings of the earth's fertility for the next growing season. It is a night for reverence, for reflection, for celebration of the one-ness of all that is the universe in and around us.


Several times in the past, I have done blessing ceremonies and taught the origins of such symbols as the jack-o-lantern, and why goblins and ghosts, witches and scary symbols represent this holiday. If any of you wish to read those past teachings, please let us know and we will tell you how you may purchase a transcript of those teachings.

But this year, in this time of great change, stress, and transition for so many, I prefer to concentrate on delivering a message of reassurance. That the veil between the worlds is thin right now this time is auspicious, for the dark and negative energies surrounding you for so long now have just barely begun to dissipate and to be shaken apart. So just as a "new" contact with a loved one who is no longer alive in their body can seem scary and frightening to someone who is not used to it, so this time may seem scary and frightening to you all as you see the previous locked-in pattern of dark energies and dark actions on your earth begin to break up and dissipate; it may appear temporarily as if there is a combination of chaos and disorder around you, and it may feel fearsome.

Worry not, dear ones, the old pattern must be broken up before a new, better one can evolve... so please, on this holy night, focus your energies on joy and on fun, and on uplifting the energies for all who dwell on your planet and all souls everywhere whether in bodies now or not... and ask that humankind begin to remember that all humans are from the one family, all are connected, and humans do not live separately from mother earth.

So bless the earth, bless yourself and your loved ones and especially your animals, for they are so sensitized to all the fractious and intense energies now.

And please know I bless you all and wish for you all the treats of a Happy New Year, Blessed Samhein, Happy Halloween, as a child might, all fun, all joy, all playfulness with identity and experience, but no tricks, no fears, no dark energies within or around you.

With great love and thanks for being your servant,

"Remember, everything is possible..."

Date: October 31, 2005


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