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Winter Solstice Greetings

winter_solstice_kendrasaysDear Ones,
Greetings as you prepare for the Winter Solstice of 2003.

The Winter Solstice has been associated in the past with symbols of the god-power in us all being reborn, taking over his half of the year from the goddess now that her work is done till next June, when she will reign again.

The god-power in us all has been represented to many of us as the Sun-God, Ra, Jesus, Kernunos, and others. In astrology, one might associate Mars, and metaphysical "masculine" energy to this time as well, with all its subtle shades and associated meanings regarding doing, creating, action, moving forth into the world, growing, etc.

This year the solstice moment is of particular symbolic interest, as it occurs on two different days in the United States, where most of you reading this on this list live.

On the West Coast, the Solstice will occur at 11:04 pm on Sunday night, December 21. However, on the East Coast, the Solstice will occur on Monday morning, December 22, at 2:04 a.m. So what does this mean?

On a simple level, it is a reminder that time is a human concept, and a relative one. That the same moment happens seemingly one time and is called by so many different time-names around the world is a good reminder that each person experiences the universe uniquely, not the same as anyone else.

Therefore, you have the power to shape your experience of life individually, as you so desire.

You can influence how you experience your lives by how you choose to label your moments and awarenesses and emotions. You can call your solstice this 2003 Sunday night, or you can call it early Monday morning, or if you are in England you can call it somewhere near or just after dawn, or... and each way of naming the moment, of trying to "capture" the experience in human terms, will give you a different experience of that moment.

The symbolism of the Winter Solstice as the end of the reign of the goddess and the death of the old crop-cycle in the northern hemisphere is simultaneously also the beginning of the reign of the god, and the beginning of the new crop-cycle. Seeds lie dormant under the ground, and the earth rests and regenerates itself till the spark of life returns on February 2.

If you are living in the northern hemisphere, it is good to try to tune yourself to the appropriate part of the yearly cycle. So, for now, rest, recuperate, regenerate, recover, and start again, fresh, and with renewed vigor and clarity of purpose.

Renew your visions for the new year starting at this solstice; let go all your intentions for the year just past and ending. If you attained them, good. If you did not, let them go and update them for the new year. Life does not wait for you to play "catch-up!" dear ones! Life continues moving, always, and it is important not to judge yourself by "success" or "failure" in your past year, but by the true quality of how you lived, what you did and did not do, and whether or not you were a good influence on your world.

Did you create enriching experiences for yourself? If not, how can you do that starting now? There is no point in regretting anything-- never look back, but always look forward. By so doing, you can create your life more powerfully and positively, with awareness, intention, and the willingness to experience life fully in all its shades and hues.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, of course, the energies for you are the opposite, and you are shifting at midsummer from the god-part of the year into the goddess-part of the year: ripening, coming to fruition, reaping, fulfilling, and completion. Try to tune yourself to the appropriate part of the yearly cycle that you are in-- go with the flow of life where you are instead of resisting it!

So you see, my dear ones, even the idea of the Winter Solstice is a relative one, depending on where one is when one is contemplating the idea! Life is so rich, so full, so beautiful-- make the most of it at this changing point in the yearly cycle no matter where you are!

And most of all, try to stay in integrity with your own inner values as much as you are able, for then you will manifest yourself in your highest, fullest, greatest potential.

And remember, if you can, to dedicate all your happy, joyful experiences to sharing them with every living being who is able to share the good energy, and to dedicate all your painful, difficult experiences to the uplifting of yourself and all others who have felt similar feelings.

Blessings to you all at this most holy time of the year, for you are all being reborn in your own images again and again and again! Enjoy!


"Remember, everything is possible..."

Date: December 21. 2003


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