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New Year Greeting

new_year2_kendrasaysDear Ones,
Greetings to all, and a gentle reminder that it is more beneficial to focus on starting your new year with optimism, and with clear, intentions in your mind and in your heart for manifesting what will make you happy and thriving in your life than it is to review the year past. Evaluating what worked well and what did not in the year just past makes it too easy for the human mind to focus on the loss and pain and struggle the human being has experienced.

Remember: acknowledge your feelings of loss, grief, struggle, anger, whatever negative experiences or feelings you may have had in the past year by re-working how you think and feel about them. Write down positive statements for yourself about what you *do* want starting NOW! and do not focus on what has already happened.

If you had good experiences this past year, be happy about them, but again, it is better to focus on what positive experiences you want to have in the coming year starting NOW! than to look backwards.

With much love and blessings for you all, I wish you the most joyous and fulfilling new year yet to come, one in which good experiences happen for you beyond your imagining as you read this message.

In every ending, there is a new beginning... so focus on the new beginning in a state of peacefulness, gratitude, and joy... and see what the new year will bring!


"Remember, everything is possible..."

Date: December 31, 2005


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