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The Light

great_light_kendrasaysA reader wrote:

"I just visited a website that proclaims a great Light coming between July and the end of September in which all life will be either saved or lost. What is your opinion of this Light?"

Kendra Says:

Dear one,
I think this is a distortion of what actually will be happening energetically. It is not a question of ALL life being either saved or lost; rather, it is a question of how the energetic patterns which have been dominating human culture in recent years will begin to evolve-- and that can be positively supported by human beings' focusing on positive energy and a better balance in life for all who live on earth. Please note that includes not just human beings, but all living beings: animal, plant, fish, cells, etc.

Between those months there will be a growing awareness for many American humans that they have a choice, whether to choose a warlike, violent man as their leader or a man who desires to re-balance the world and to bring compassion to leadership again. Please note I am not "politicizing" the discussion here; I am reporting what is in their hearts.

The intense awareness of the existence of choice, in and of itself, will be very freeing and liberating for all beings; much energy which has been restrained and repressed will be freed. If humans are thinking, feeling, and focusing positively, then this will be a great time. If not, it will continue to be a time of mixed blessings and struggles, and individual and collective karma will show up as obvious rather than implicit.

Please also remember that from my perspective, life itself cannot be either saved nor lost. Life is eternal, continuing, and the only question is in what form.

I hope you understand my answer to your question, dear one. I answer it publicly as you asked it, in the hope that it will bring comfort to the many who read it.

Thank you for asking the question, and please be reassured that as of this writing, the energies opening up in the time period you have asked about have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with death and destruction on a mass scale, not with a wholesale "conversion" of life in human form. Such thinking is the misinterpretation of an unschooled and undisciplined, unconscious human mind, interpreting the channeled statement of a less-than-very evolved entity .

There was no harm intended in that message, but in fact it is mostly meaningless and inaccurate in the way it is presented and interpreted.

My blessings to you, dear one, and all my dear ones who read this question and reply.

We will speak again soon, friends!


"Remember, everything is possible..."

Date: July 21, 2004


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