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Holiday Message, on Being Happy

happiness_kendrasaysDear Ones,
In this time of your holiday celebrations, I would like to make this offering of some thoughts and ideas appropriate to this season as my gift to each one of you.

I suggest to you that it is especially important to remember who you are in your soulconsciousness, and how crucially important it is to focus on being happy, especially considering how troubled your planet appears to be right now. You can contribute to changing that energy for the better by the power of your own consciousness being focused on choosing happiness!

Creating World Peace by Living Your Daily Life

world_peace_kendrasaysAlright then. What was the topic for this evening? Does anyone remember?

Something like bringing Peace to the world by living your daily lives?

Yes, well. What could be more apt, though we gave the topic quite a while ago, than studying that principle. Because as a collective, humans on this earth are now manifesting world leaders threatening, basically, to blow each other up. Not the friendliest of actions. Not perhaps, actions that appear to be stemming from Higher Light spiritual energies. So, let us look at that because this particular dark energy has affected every single one of you and millions around the world on a personal level that previous world events and politics have not. And there are specific reasons for that.

Endings and Beginnings

incense_ritual_kendrasaysMaking the most of Life's Cycles

Kendra: (Performing a ritual lighting some resin incense over a piece of charcoal) Endings and beginnings, yes? This is the end of the charcoal, yes? The beginning of the flame?

Guest: Yes.

Kendra: The ash is the transition, yes? So is this a death or a birth? The answer is yes. (as the smoke rises) If this bothers any of you, it does not last long. Mind it not, please. (intake of breath; sustained blowing out)

On Evil (and the WTC)

wtc_kendrasaysPerhaps one might think that in such times of stress one might re-define what meditation is to fit the particular needs of the moment... a walking meditation would serve, too, or a bicycling one, or an eating one, or a talking one, or an analytic one, or, or, or...

So how is it you imagine you will not be directly, personally affected by what is going on globally? The very air you breathe, the energy fields you live in are charged with energy and excitement and fear right now, feelings and thoughts and plans all out of proportion in reaction to heightened incidents.

Transforming Dark Thoughts

transform_kendrasaysWhen one begins to look at or talk about dark thoughts or feelings and what to do with them, how to work with them, what are they, what does it mean, "dark," to begin with? And, never mind acceptance and transformation - what does that mean? What do you mean "acceptance of dark thoughts?"

Humans tend to think: "If I accept dark thoughts I will manifest them. They will take me over. I will become them." What do you mean "accept and transform?" We will get to that. It is a powerful way of dealing with what you imagine are dark thoughts.


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