Kendra Tele-Talk

ireland_4_kendrasaysLeslie plans to share Kendra with more people by offering the KendraSays Tele-Talk.

What is a Tele-Talk?

From the convenience of your own home, and the homes of your friends and family, a like-minded group can be organized to talk with Kendra, all at the same time.  You'll be meeting in a virtual room through the telephone lines. 

At a pre-arranged time, everyone will call in and Kendra will be there waiting and willing to answer your questions and share her insights with everyone that you've invited to the party.

Instead of dealing with traffic or waiting for Kendra to come to your city, you can have - and share - this unique experience while laying on the couch in your sweats. Instant Kendra!

If this event interests you, please fill out the Group Session Submission form, and someone will call you to discuss your desired time and date, as well as the focus of your event. 

Recurrent Weekly and Monthly sessions are offered at a discount if you wish to have Kendra assist you and your "family" on a regular basis.

Many blessings!


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