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Celtic_Cat_kendrasaysIntroduce Kendra to your friends!

So you've experienced Kendra either in a Private Session, a Group Session, by reading her Interiors Blog, or through one of the many transcripts and/or audio files provided here on KendraSays. 

Now it's time to pass along the experience of being:

  • Profoundly understood
  • Supported
  • Taught by a master guide
  • In an environment full of insights
  • Uplifted with lots of giggles, as well as helpful revelations

Share this experience with your loved ones and friends!


  • If you're in the New York area, Kendra would be happy to attend your event. 
  • If Leslie is on the road (as she often is), an event can be coordinated in your area.


All three options provide a beautiful and unique way to experience a deeper sense of our common human community.

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