The Woman Behind Kendra

Leslie Austinireland_1_kendrasays

Leslie Austin met Kendra again in this lifetime, in a typically unusual and funny way.

In February 1971, Leslie was putting together a taped soundtrack for a college production of "Dracula," looking for pre-recorded sounds of bats shrieking (true! and this was pre-internet...) when several friends with whom she had been conducting psychic experiments (don't ask...) came running in. "There's this spirit coming through the Ouija board," they said. "Her name is Kendra and she only wants to talk to you." Though initially skeptical, from the first moment Leslie made contact with Kendra that day through the board, she knew she was back in touch with a very special entity she had known before in some other times and places.

Over the next few years, Leslie quickly learned new and better ways to translate Kendra's teachings and messages into words, which were turning out to be of the highest, most subtle and helpful kind, even from the very beginning. She quickly discovered she could work the Ouija board alone while someone took notes because the spelling was so fast, and eventually agreed to allow Kendra to guide her to go off the board entirely and receive the messages directly through her own consciousness.

In that first directly-channeled session, during which Leslie's mother took the notes, Kendra embarked on a now years-long journey of teaching, guiding, uplifting, healing, and helping her incarnate friends and loved ones find deeper meaning, grow and become much happier in their lives.

"It's been a fascinating and unusual journey with Kendra so far,
and I'm looking forward to bringing Kendra to even more people."

~ Leslie Austin

Leslie continued to develop her skills in channeling Kendra, eventually learning several ways to channel her: consciously, in a light trance state without losing her own personal awareness, and more profoundly, in near full-body, direct channeling sessions, where Kendra temporarily (and always with permission) takes over Leslie's body and moves and speaks directly to her other incarnate friends. In addition, Leslie has developed parallel skills in psychic healing, psychometry, and intuitive readings (which she does independent of Kendra), and has studied Astrology, the I Ching, and many other metaphysical systems of divination and learning.

Leslie was featured in July 1976 in the Best Bets column of New York Magazine for channeling Kendra (typically, Leslie chose to appear in the photo wearing a t-shirt that said "Medium"), in conjunction with the release of Dan Greenburg's "Something's There," his book exploring the psychic world in which a chapter was devoted to Leslie and Kendra.

ireland_2_kendrasaysLeslie also has a featured chapter on reincarnation and recalling past lives in Sherry Suib Cohen's book "Looking for the Other Side,"and was written up in Cosmopolitan at the publication of that book.

Leslie has channeled Kendra countless times, and Kendra has helped untold numbers of people over the years, always with a profound sense of the truth, kindness, and a great, gentle  sense of humor. Leslie’s relationship with Kendra has been a formative and major influence on Leslie.

If you're looking for a safe first, or new and deeper experience, being guided and taught by a wise, warm, profound, rigorous discarnate entity, you can't be safer nor choose more wisely than to have a session with Kendra!



Margi Haas

Margi Haas became Kendra's client and student when Leslie introduced the two at a midtown Manhattan sushi restaurant in 1995. After studying with her closely for 15 years, Margi finds it hard to believe that when a friend presented her with a Seth book years ago she was so cowed by her very first contact with channeling that she hurriedly donated it to the public library without even looking at it carefully!

Margi is a practically- and metaphysically-oriented coach, counselor and consultant. Kendra has described her as a versatile modern shaman. The "Big K" has had an enormous impact on Margi's life, beliefs, and personal growth.

Margi knows Kendra and Leslie well enough to assure you that they are totally separate entities, each with very distinct personalities.

You can find Margi at HaasConsult or BuddhasInBusiness.


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