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New Year Greeting

new_year2_kendrasaysDear Ones,
Greetings to all, and a gentle reminder that it is more beneficial to focus on starting your new year with optimism, and with clear, intentions in your mind and in your heart for manifesting what will make you happy and thriving in your life than it is to review the year past. Evaluating what worked well and what did not in the year just past makes it too easy for the human mind to focus on the loss and pain and struggle the human being has experienced.

Kendra's Holiday Message

new_year_kendrasaysDear Ones,
Greetings in this holiday season for so many different groups of humans.

I would like to wish to all my incarnate friends that they are able to have a happy ending of this year, and a blessed beginning of the new, coming year about to be birthed.


Samhein (Halloween) Greetings

halloween_kendrasaysDear Ones,
I send you all greetings on festival night, one of the cross-quarter days of the 8 ancient pagan/Celtic festivals during the year.

Tonight, as you know it Halloween, from All Hallow's Eve, is a night when, as the phrase goes, the veils between the worlds are thin," when communication between the visible and invisible worlds, and all the souls therein, is easier than on other nights. It is also the pagan new year, the time of year when the crops have been reaped and a symbolic ear of corn is re-planted into mother earth, representing the invocation and blessings of the earth's fertility for the next growing season. It is a night for reverence, for reflection, for celebration of the one-ness of all that is the universe in and around us.

The Light

great_light_kendrasaysA reader wrote:

"I just visited a website that proclaims a great Light coming between July and the end of September in which all life will be either saved or lost. What is your opinion of this Light?"

Kendra Says:

Dear one,
I think this is a distortion of what actually will be happening energetically. It is not a question of ALL life being either saved or lost; rather, it is a question of how the energetic patterns which have been dominating human culture in recent years will begin to evolve-- and that can be positively supported by human beings' focusing on positive energy and a better balance in life for all who live on earth. Please note that includes not just human beings, but all living beings: animal, plant, fish, cells, etc.

Winter Solstice Greetings

winter_solstice_kendrasaysDear Ones,
Greetings as you prepare for the Winter Solstice of 2003.

The Winter Solstice has been associated in the past with symbols of the god-power in us all being reborn, taking over his half of the year from the goddess now that her work is done till next June, when she will reign again.

The god-power in us all has been represented to many of us as the Sun-God, Ra, Jesus, Kernunos, and others. In astrology, one might associate Mars, and metaphysical "masculine" energy to this time as well, with all its subtle shades and associated meanings regarding doing, creating, action, moving forth into the world, growing, etc.


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