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  • Meet Kendra One-on-One

      Experience a private, personal & intimate session with Kendra  

  • Kendra’s Circle: Group Sessions

      Join with other like-minded people for teaching and discussions  

  • Connect from anywhere in the universe!

      Kendra is just a phone call or an online connection away  

Who is Kendra?

Kendra is a powerful, wise, and often humorous discarnate teacher and guide whose teachings go straight to the heart of whatever question or issue participants may present to her. Kendra has counseled and taught hundreds of people since she began speaking through her channel Leslie in 1971. A conversation with Kendra can transform your understanding not only of who you are, your circumstances and your life path, but also your understanding and experience of the universe you are living in as well! When you participate in a live consultation or group session, you'll have opportunities to ask Kendra questions about her spiritual teachings, and/or personal questions about your life. Conversations with Kendra are inspiring, uplifting and most importantly, a profound and yet safe experience.

Ways To Connect With Kendra

All three options provide a beautiful and unique way to experience Kendra's wisdom, bringing you to a deeper sense of who you are in the world and of our common, shared experiences as human beings.

Personal Sessions

Experience a one-on-one private and confidential session with Kendra

Private Group Sessions

Request a live, safe, private group session in person, by phone, or online.  Introduce Kendra to your loved ones and friends!

Public Group Sessions

Participate in Kendra's uplifting public group sessions in person, by telephone, or online.  Interact with Kendra directly in a group setting.

The five senses world is the effect, not the cause.


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What use are predictions if the source of power lies within each one of us?