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Kendra's Holiday Message

new_year_kendrasaysDear Ones,
Greetings in this holiday season for so many different groups of humans.

I would like to wish to all my incarnate friends that they are able to have a happy ending of this year, and a blessed beginning of the new, coming year about to be birthed.


At every ending, there is always simultaneously a beginning. As the year dies, so the new year is born. Out of our pain and frustration and fear (a death of sorts of our dreams and aspirations and desires) comes joy, hope, and manifesting (birthing) our desires in third-dimension reality more easily.


In this time when it is so easy to lose sight of what the introspection of the turning of the year is really about, try if you can to remember this: what you focus on is what you manifest in your life.

If you are always looking at what you have not done, you will manifest at the end of every day another list of what you have not done.

If you are always focusing on where you are not good enough, you will always go to sleep and wake up feeling not good enough.

If you believe that having abundance is a struggle, then all your abundance will come to you only with struggle.

Your human mind is a literal machine: it will act on your own thoughts and desires automatically, without discrimination or judgement.

Maintain negative, past-oriented thoughts and feelings, and your life will unfold in a negative, difficult way. Your negative beliefs based on past experience will become the activators and predictors of your future.

Maintain positive, now-oriented thoughts and feelings, and your life will unfold in a positive, easy, natural way. Your positive beliefs based on your experience of yourself and your focus in the present moment will become the activators and predictors of your future.

And so I wish for all of you great joy, good health, the happiness of being safe, loved, abundant, and of having your labors bear the fruits you are wanting to cultivate. I wish for you that it is easy to maintain a positive focus, that your positive focus feeds itself and becomes second nature, just like breathing easily and having your heart beat constantly.

May your days now be full and happy, and your nights restful and refreshing.

For in the winter, it is time to go indoors and take rest and recuperation, so the I Ching says, and it is an apt time to do so for a little while.

Observe the turning of the year with consciousness; let the past year go without judgement, bless yourself that you are here to witness the turning of the year, and celebrate and welcome all the promising opportunities you cannot yet even imagine that the blessed new year being born brings to you.

With love and blessings, dear ones,

Date: December 15, 2005


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