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Focus on the Positive

focusYou will create more forward movement, positive energy from positive action than by opposing or being disgusted or horrified or appalled, and complaining constantly: “Doesn’t anybody care? Why doesn’t anybody do anything?” And then you wonder why you’re depressed?

It’s a self-feeding, self-perpetuating cycle. You’re depressed so you keep looking at it’s so terrible, when are people going to speak up, why don’t they care? And then the more you look at it looks like nobody cares, why is this going on so long, he’s doing another terrible thing, they’re doing another terrible thing, it’s so awful, it’s so terrible… and you get more depressed. And because you get more depressed you keep looking at it’s so terrible. You understand, sweet ones?

I am not criticizing you. I am trying to explain to you that you must change the focus of your mindset. The strongest opposition to those dark forces is to not connect to them, and not give them any power in your life.

You can’t control the greater environment. You can control your life and your surround and your contacts with the people with whom you actually come into immediate contact.

But when you focus on what you do want, then you can make it so in the manifest world!

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